Fibroplit, Ltd products are certified for compliance with European safety standards and confirmed with CE mark — symbol of competitiveness of industrial goods within the European Union.

“Efectis”, a joint venture between Italy, Netherlands and Turkey, tested compliance of Cherepovets wood wool cement boards with the European standard. According to all standards, the products have passed the tests, which are shown in the protocols, and received permission to apply the CE marking.

When labeling “CE” on products, the manufacturer is responsible for stating that the product meets all essential requirements related to health, safety and environmental protection, in accordance with the European directives, and the manufacturer of the product complies with the required standards and has passed all necessary tests.

Now many customers take trial batches of wood wool cement board and carry out the necessary tests, after which confirm certain volumes of purchases. Among the European buyers of the countries of Europe: Latvia and Denmark, Estonia. Baltic companies use the Cherepovets wood wool cement board for interior siding of premises. Danish consumers finish ceilings and walls by wood wool cement board. The work is also on the domestic market. The company has customers in Russia engaged in sound insulation and counter ceilings.