Production of wood wool cement boards

Production of wood wool cement boards a new generation

Step 1

Softwood and hardwood raw material is debarked and arranged in piles in open storage during 3-4 months to decrease the humidity and reduce the polysaccharides content.

Step 2

Afterwards the raw material is delivered to the required size chip milling area where the chips are impregnated with Natrium Silicate (liquid glass).

Step 3

The conveyors deliver the chips to the mechanical, where the cement and chips are mixed, the continuous carpet is transported to special pallets and then preconsolidated by disc and roller mechanisms.

Step 4

Consequently, the carpet is divided into forms length. The piles arranged on pallets are stacked, pressed and stored in the area of initial curing.

Step 5

After 24-48 hours of curing the boards are removed from pallets, cut from 4 ends and delivered to the final drying, calibration and required lengths trimming line.

Manufacturing of NORDECO wood wool cement boards is performed by the equipment supplied by Dutch company Eltomation according to the following standards:

Euroclass B s1 d0 EN 13168

standard boards made of cement wood wool

Euroclass A2 (standard G1)

boards made of cement wood wool of high fire-resistance

fine fiber acoustic ceiling boards and panels of two classes of fire-resistance

Prospective production

high density boards

composite boards for multilayer sandwich-panels

roof boards reinforced by wooden beams

In 2017, the Wood Wool Cement Board Mill – Fibroplit, Ltd, which is a part of the Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Plant, JSC, began to produce wood wool cement boards according to a special Netherlands technology.

The material consists of 60% wood wool, 39.5% - portland cement grade M500 and 0.5% - liquid glass - sodium silicate. This composition provides the board with high quality characteristics: fireresistance, low thermal conduction, vapor permeability, sound absorption and environmental safety. Wood wool cement boards can be used as insulation, decorative and building materials.

We produce wood wool cement boards on Eltomation Netherlands equipment. At full load, the mill is able to produce 100 thousand cubic meters of boards per year.

Our mill of wood wool cement boards is located in Cherepovets of the Vologda region. The city is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Convenient location of Cherepovets allows you to establish a fast and uninterrupted supply of materials to any city of Russia.

Most of our products are exported to Europe, CIS and Eastern countries. We deliver the boards on trucks or by rail.

How are NORDECO wood cement boards produced?